Making American Science Education Buzz Again - The Power and Promise of Early Research


Berrien Springs, Michigan – December 21, 2016 – The late great American hero John Glenn once said, "The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds." Imagine if our 21 million American high school students were inspired and immersed in at least one year of original, hands-on research. Imagine the potential impact of even 0.1% to 1% of these students continuing to do more research in all four years of college. 

We Are

Here we are

In the zone

Between yesterday and tomorrow,

Past, future, old testaments and supernova

Our fears, our hopes, apprehension and sweet discovery


We’re not too young to see tomorrow

We’re not too young to feel its massless pulse

We’re not too young to wonder at its mysteries

We’re not too young to know

We’re going in, that’s how we roll

We are the prophecy unfurled

This passion drives our curious hearts, our mortal coils

Beyond trembling hands and quivering lips,

A Letter to Science Teachers

I promise to be gentle. I promise to speak the truth.

Somewhere in between, you may get your feelings hurt.

You often teach science as destination, as product and as disembodied fact.

Devoid of process and personality; absent of struggle and soul.

You teach science as if it were a lifeless corpse.

You delay experience, the Master Teacher, for dry prerequisites ....

Years and years of prerequisites

Four years high school, four years college

You wrongly assume its only for the brightest and the best

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