Public Science Campaign

This year was the third year that Dr. Desmond Murray’s grade 10 chemistry students were required to create public science announcements, PSAs. This assignment involves students identifying an important topic, researching its chemical and scientific aspects, writing an essay and creating a persuasive two-minute public science announcement about it. Some of this year’s topics included opioids, carbon monoxide poisoning, toxic metal pollution, rehydration after exercise, the effect of pesticides on honey bees and more that can all be viewed on YouTube via the 2018 PSAs link at

However, this year two PSA topics – Arsenic in Baby Food and Formaldehyde in Air Fresheners - were the basis of class letters to our elected federal representatives - Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Gary Peters and Congressman Fred Upton. These letters highlight the (a) public dangers of these chemicals, and (b) the lack of complete disclosure of chemicals on household product labels. They encourage our representatives to take and support responsible legislative action to protect us all from exposure and harmful effects.

We encourage you to contact your elected representatives about these important concerns.