Inspire Early

This is Inspire Early, where inspiration goes viral, early and often.

We invite you to inspire the next generation of innovators - in any field of human endeavor (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) - by telling your own story. All and any fields of human endeavor are welcome. Inspire the next generation of excellence.

The main reason for Inspire Early ( is to awaken, nurture and mentor our youth on their path of curiosity, inquiry, research, discovery, innovation and excellence. This can be part of your legacy to the next generation and beyond.

Your story will be part of the Inspire Early campaign to encourage students to be curious and to get involved in inquiry, research, and discovery as early as possible. It should inspire our youth to imagine more, be more and do more.

Here are some specific ideas that you can cover in your story: (1) Explain what you currently do, (2) Describe the role curiosity played in your early life that resulted in or is connected to what you currently do, (3) Tell your early experience(s) that began your 'love affair' with what you currently do?, and (4) Give advice to students interested in doing what you currently do.

Here's how this works:

1. Tell your Inspire Early story in one or two options: a written account and/or a video message. Aim for brevity, clarity and above all, inspiration.

2. Feel free to post as often as you wish. Focus your posts on (a) your story and how it can be an inspiration to others, and/or (b) anything related to inspiring students to follow and fulfill their dream.

3. Invite others to join Inspire Early and tell their story.

4. Invite students you know to Inspire Early. Encourage students to connect with potential Inspire Early mentors.

5. Feel free to connect and collaborate with Inspire Early members.

6. Be an online Inspire Early mentor for students who are interested in what you do.

Contact me, Dr. Desmond H Murray, if you have any questions or stories you want to upload at