An Ode To Early Researchers

This original poem - We Are - is written for and dedicated to all my early researchers, to early researchers everywhere. It describes The Power and Promise of Early Research. The musical interpretation and arrangement to this poem is done by Sophie Paulette Jupillat (

We Are

Here we are

In the zone

Between yesterday and tomorrow,

Past, future, old testaments and supernova

Our fears, our hopes, apprehension and sweet discovery


We’re not too young to see tomorrow

We’re not too young to feel its massless pulse

We’re not too young to wonder at its mysteries

We’re not too young to know

We’re going in, that’s how we roll

We are the prophecy unfurled

This passion drives our curious hearts, our mortal coils

Beyond trembling hands and quivering lips,

Beyond first frost, we kiss the dark

Tomorrow lights the way, we dare not hold

We go for broke at the eternal river’s edge

That’s really all that matters now

For you and me, our story and our tales

Of space and time and energy

Before we feel the cold call of destiny

Inevitable entropy

Between sunrise and sunset, entanglements and tectonic shifts

We fade from light to black, big bang to silent wisps

But not before we leave our mark

But not before we see tomorrow

But not before we are laid bare, scarred and naked

In poetry and equations, beauty and sweet suspicions

We hold dreams in our heart, our soul, our hands

We are tomorrow, we are change

And in our zone, we’ve finally come

It must be seen, it must be written, it must be done

Once gone, twill never more return

In time, cause never follows effect

Eyes turned to skies, the universe inside

We push beyond horizons

We are tomorrow.

dHMurray, 11/28/2012


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