Early Research Outposts

An outpost conjures up the feeling of an outlying, remote and isolated, frontier location away from the mainland and outside the boundary. It is usually small and sparsely populated with ties, lines of communication, often tenuous but always peripheral to the mainland.

This in many ways accurately describes academic research taking place at high schools, community colleges and four year colleges. It is well-known that the 'mainland' of academic research are graduate-level research universities. This is where the research resources flow into and where the products of research primarily flow from. This is true in the United States, it is true in Europe and around the world.

This page is dedicated to the outposts, the early research outposts. Much like the spirit of adventure and danger that was colonial frontier America, these early research outposts are living on the edge, like shimmering islands of light in a wilderness of darkness. This is where there is an additional element of excitement beyond what is known to the traditional mainland of academic research. It is populated by those who usually are not given any thought or consideration as authentic researchers. These are their stories. This is a story of the ongoing democratization of the greatest adventure known to humans – research and discovery.