ChemiVerses, No. 1: Thermochemistry in Our Daily Lives

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by Yejin Kim, Grade 10

When I realized at the beginning of the school year that I was taking Grade 10 chemistry I figured it would just be a boring science class with some math involved and a bunch of terms to memorize. I actually thought chemistry was very irrelevant to life and my career path for the future, and did not want to pay attention in class.

However, after completing the course I see that everything I do has something to do with chemistry. Playing sports, cooking, driving to school, getting out of bed, making breakfast are some of the many normal activities I do every day; I never would’ve guessed these things involved chemistry at all.

Not too long ago I ran a half marathon. I sweated like crazy, burned a ton of calories, and got extremely tired. The last thing on my mind was chemistry, but who would’ve guessed all the processes in my body that happened was chemistry in motion. Without thermochemistry I would’ve passed out from heat during my race.  Moreover, I realized in awe that everything that is made up of matter is related to chemistry; no matter where I turn chemistry is involved.

All the simple daily activities we do are chemistry, every aspect of our life is affected by it, that’s what makes chemistry a thing of beauty.

My home school is Andrews Academy where I play guard on the Lady Cardinals basketball team. On weekends I enjoy going shopping, hanging out with friends, and just generally getting away from school. I plan on pursuing a wide career path of photography, international relations, perhaps a double major of some medical field, and emergency relief for human rights infringements.