Chemistry is all around us, it surrounds us, its within us, it is us - from dawn til dusk and from dust to dust.  Chemistry is everywhere, it is more omnipresent than surround sound and as diverse as the universe.  It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan, the bright colors of Spring and even our thoughts.

ChemiVerses are thoughts, words and verses of students, high school and college, on everyday, everywhere chemistry.  Chemistry becomes personal not just universal; it becomes intimate not just larger than life; it becomes engagingly essential not just the central science.

Students interact with and interpret the common, the mundane,  and the obvious and discover within not just data, facts, charts and graphs, but a living multiverse of knowledge and insight. Experiencing chemistry from the pages of a textbook or even from the sights, sounds, and smells of chemistry lab is necessary but not sufficient.  The story must be told, applying mind to matter, imagination to experience, is what writing does.

This is ChemiVerses.

What you will read below are selected essay excerpts from high school and college students collected over time.