About Best

BEST is a science educational organization that focuses on changing WHEN students become actively engaged in research, discovery and innovation. Unlike most educational entrepreneurs that operate in the horizontal market of K12 education, BEST works in the vertical market sector that bridges secondary and tertiary science education levels. 

In Other Words ...

BEST believes, and have demonstrated for over a decade, that students do not require four years of high school and four years of college before they are engaged in authentic research. There is no valid reason why students who drive cars, use computers, excel at video games, and navigate a host of modern twenty-first century technologies cannot be also trained to recrystallize solids, rotovap solvents, reflux reactions, separate mixtures, or operate infrared, Raman, UV-Vis and NMR instruments. 

The conventional approach and attitude about when students can participate in real research is outdated in today’s global innovation economy.  Early research participation is not only smart educational practice but also a sustainable economic and wise workforce development policy. Simply put, authentic research experiences must begin no later than high school. Instead of flipping burgers during the summer or afterschool, our youth can work in research, development and advanced manufacturing laboratories. 

Early matters.