Invitation to the 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education

Dear Early Research Mentor:

We are inviting you to give a talk in the Early Research symposium at the August 3-7, 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education hosted by Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan. This event is a national meeting sponsored by the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society.

The Conference is designed for chemistry teachers at all levels: secondary school science teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and post-secondary chemistry faculty. It consists of workshops, symposia, poster sessions and oral presentations. Each talk is twenty minutes including Q&A. Each session consists of eight talks. This year’s theme is: Empowering Chemical Educators for a Greener Tomorrow.

The Early Research symposium entitled Early Matters: Engaging High School and Community College Students in Research will feature talks (and possibly panel discussions) that involve the philosophy, benefits and mechanics of engaging students in authentic research much earlier than is conventionally done. Authentic research means work done by students that addresses questions for which the answers are not known beforehand. Early research is defined as authentic research done before graduate school by high school and early-stage college students, including community college students.

Part of the impetus for this symposium and for advocating universal adoption of early research are the many credible and authoritative reports over the span of the last 30 years indicating that (a) American K-16 science education is underperforming both on the global scale and internally vs the pre-eminence of American graduate level science education, and (b) specifically, according to the National Research Council 2005 report, ‘the quality of science laboratory experiences is poor for most U.S. high school students.’

Please review registration information, conference guidelines and deadlines for presentations and posters at: Some important deadlines are: February 28, 2014 for abstracts; March 3, 2014 to June 1, 2014 for early registration.

If you accept this invitation, please respond to me as soon as possible at (269) 757-1641 or via email at



Dr. Desmond Murray

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Andrews University & Berrien County Math Science Center

Founding Director, Building Excellence in Science & Technology (BEST Early)

BCCE Symposium Presider, 2014 Biennial Conference on Chemical Education